“Video killed the radio star” – as performed by the Buggles in the late 70s and “The internet will kill the radio star”, both failed in predicting an era
where traditional radio stations would not stand the test of time. Well, thankfully they did, otherwise the Becquerels wouldn’t have been invited
to perform two songs in the show “Local Heroes” on Radio “egoFM”, presenting the hottest new stuff from Bavaria.

One hour with the Becquerels

Every Sunday, radio DJ Dominik Kollmann presents his show “Local Heroes” from 1500 hrs – 60 mins of interviews, live performances and each band’s favourite tracks. Primarily, bands from all over Bavaria are invited to join the bill. Last Sunday, the Becquerels were on, facing some intimate questions about their new EP, how it came about and of course a live performance in the studio – 2 EP tracks in a completely different unplugged version. The whole show is available here for download: Thanks a lot to everybody at egoFM and especially Dominik for having us.


Listen and enjoy!

Yours truly,